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As per a decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, and Law No.2 of March 2005, ADFCA was established with a view to ensure food safety, guarantee the quality of food for human consumption and to conduct the necessary research and studies on safe food.

In April 2007 and as per Law No. 5 pertaining to the amendment of the original law, the Authority was empowered to issue rules, regulations and standards to streamline food items sold or offered for human consumption.

ADFCA consists of the following sectors:Corporate Services, Control Sector, Strategic and Performance, Policies and Regulations, Development, Agricultural Affairs, Animal Wealth.

The foundational vision in establishing ADFCA was the restructuring of the food regulatory system in line with international best practices followed in the field of food safety. Enhancing the quality of life for the people and contributing to the general well-being of society was among the principal goals behind the setting up of the Authority, even while ensuring a fine balance between consumer protection and commercial dynamism.

The most important legislation pertaining to food control was enacted in January 2008, making the emirate of Abu Dhabi a pioneer in this field in the UAE and the wider region. The legislation, underlining the Authority’s mission of guaranteeing healthy and safe food, aimed at developing a legal infrastructure that consisted of public policies and laws for the protection of consumers’ health in a transparent and clear manner. It also elucidated the role of inspection and stressed the
responsibility of the private sector.

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